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As the Spring 2011 Spartan Steps Challenge begins, CW takes a look at the top Steppers of the Fall 2010 challenge.

Human Resource Services, who sponsors the challenge, announced that 72,939,279 steps were walked by all the participants.

The top 5 Steppers for Fall 2010, based on total steps taken:
Paul Siders, Weatherspoon
Kenny Crane, Weatherspoon
Todd Mitchell, Cashiers and Student Accounts
Shannon Byers, Weatherspoon
Aaron Terranova, Kinesiology

The top 5 departments/groups, based on average number of steps taken:
MBA Office
Aycock Auditorium
Communication Studies

Nineteen employees passed one million steps, securing their place in the Million Steps Club.
Deb Ackerman, Teachers Academy
Shannon Byers, Weatherspoon Art Museum
Annette Cline, Dean’s Office, School of Education
Kenny Crane, Weatherspoon Art Museum
Brian Fuller, Aycock Auditorium
Allan Goldfarb, Kinesiology
Diane Hawes, Student Health/Counseling Services
Thomas Keller, MBA Office
Jay McCloy, Intercollegiate Athletics
Deborah Merritt, Dean’s Office, School of Education
Todd Mitchell, Cashiers and Student Accounts
Christina O’Connor, Teachers Academy
Craig Pickett, Career Services Center
Allen Rogers, Dean’s Office, Bryan School
Roy Schwartzman, Communication Studies
Paul Siders, Weatherspoon Art Museum
Aaron Terranova, Kinesiology
Connya Uselman, Dean’s Office, Bryan School
Robert Wells, Music

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