News Items from UNC Greensboro

UNCG is piloting a new product, Starfish, to automatically help students get the academic assistance they need for success. Dean Roberson provided some numbers last week for this semester’s pilots: Nearly 7,000 Student Success Center tutoring appointments resulted from Starfish notifications, and more than 3,900 advising appointments campus-wide were made through Starfish. It is part of UNCG’s efforts to boost retention rates and graduation rates, as our campus endeavors to significantly raise them by 2013. “I think it’ll make a real impact,” Roberson said last week. Ray Purdom, director of the Teaching & Learning Center, added, “You can ID students who need assistance. And [they can] get the assistance in timely fashion.” Its use on campus is set to expand.

Items this week include HealthyUNCG is offering mini-grants to students and faculty mentors; Gifts for older members of our community; No. 1 Duke comes to town Dec. 29; Women’s basketball and men’s wrestling; Honor for UNCG Opera; Graduate-level counseling students teamed up with the Triad Health Project; HealthyUNCG offers big discount; This issue is final CW of semester; SERVE Center’s Regional Educational Laboratory-Southeast study regarding kindergarten literacy program; Graduate School dean search committee is in place; Spartan Steps continues apace; UNCG Budget Central web page; “Hood To Coast” documentary by UNCG alum Christoph Baaden

Featured this week: Dr. Julie Mendez – Dr. Rosemery Nelson-Gray – Dr. Janet Boseovski – Dr. Stuart Marcovitch – Dr. Tom Matyok – Dr. Cathryne Schmitz – Dr. Hannah Mendoza – Dr. Dayna Touron – Andrew L. Wooten – Dr. Thomas Kwapil – David Kinsey – Steve Siler – Staff Stars – With the Staff

The 2010 Art on Paper biennial exhibition remains on view through Feb. 6. Xandra Eden, the Weatherspoon’s Curator of Exhibitions, invited seventy-five artists of regional and international significance to present unique works made on, or of, paper.

Exams start. Wednesday, Dec. 8, 8 a.m. Gallery talk for “Inquiring Eyes: Greensboro Collects Art” exhibition Wednesday, Dec. 8, noon, Weatherspoon. Women’s basketball vs. Radford. Saturday, December 11, 2 p.m., Fleming Gym. Noon @ the ‘Spoon, art tour, for “Art on Paper 2010” Tuesday, Dec. 14, noon, Weatherspoon. December commencement. Thursday, Dec. 16, 10 a.m., […]