News Items from UNC Greensboro

More than a month of activities is scheduled on campus to commemorate the legacy, history and heritage of African Americans during Black History Month 2011. The first event is Jan. 31, a lecture about emancipation and the struggle over equality in Washington, D.C. One big event in February is a reading by North Carolina author Randall Kenan (in visual), whose works include “Let the Dead Bury Their Dead.” He also will participate in a panel discussion that day.

Items this week include R. David Sprinkle joining Board of Trustees; Interior Architecture will join College of Arts & Sciences; Sustainability shorts film competition; READ posters; Budget outlook; 250-pint goal set for blood drive; Undergraduate Research Assistantships; Spartan Summit 13th Annual Rock Climbing Competition; The Carver Institute on Experiential Education; Career Expo; Ping-pong, anyone?