News Items from UNC Greensboro

Dr. Perry Flynn (Communication Sciences and Disorders) received new funding from the Phoenix Academy for the project “Speech Language Pathology Service Contract with Phoenix Academy.” It provides for speech and language therapy services to children in the Phoenix Academy who qualify for these services.

Dr. Jay Poole (Social Work) received additional funding from the Annie Penn Community Trust for the project “Congregational Social Work Education Initiative (CSWEI) Expansion into Rockingham County (subcontract with Annie Penn/Cone Health).” This project will create a congregational nursing program in Rockingham County, provide two paid congregational nurses to work with Hispanic and homeless residents […]

Dr. Tsz-Ki M. Tsui (Biology) received additional funding from the NCSU Water Resources Research Institute for the project “Linkages of mercury and methane cycles in Piedmont streams and rivers in North Carolina, and implications for mercury bioaccumulation in food webs.” Methylmercury is a highly toxic compound and can extensively bioaccumulate and biomagnify in aquatic food […]

Dr. Amanda Tanner (Public Health Education) received additional funding from Wake Forest University Health Services for the project “Using CBPR to Reduce HIV Risk Among Immigrant Latino MSM.” The Southeast has the fastest-growing Latino population in the United States and at the same time carries a disproportionate HIV burden, the abstract notes. The intervention will […]

Dr. Erick Byrd (Marketing) received new funding from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for the North Carolina Winery Categorization Model Research Project. It will conduct a comprehensive inventory and assessment of wineries in North Carolina, develop an NC Winery Categorization Model, classify all the wineries using the model and develop recommendations […]

Holly Goddard Jones (English) has been awarded the 2014 Kentucky Literary Award for her book “The Next Time You See Me.” The Kentucky Literary Award is given to an author from Kentucky or one whose book has a strong Kentucky theme. More information is at http://www.sokybookfest.org/KY-Literary-Award

Dr. William Mills-Koonce (Human Development and Family Studies) received continued funding from the National Institutes of Health for the project “Integrating Demography and Biosocial Stress Models of LGBTI Family Formation.” The current research will use both secondary data analyses of longitudinal national datasets such as the U.S. Census and American Community Survey to examine within-state […]

Dr. Rebecca MacLeod (Music Education) was awarded the 2014 String Researcher Award by the American String Teachers Association. The String Researcher Award is awarded to a researcher whose work has contributed significantly to scholarship in string education and/or performance. This year’s award honors an early-career researcher whose scholarly work shows much promise in making continued […]

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpq2rSsGRIQ[/youtube] Dr. Michael McIntosh, professor in UNCG’s Department of Nutrition, works on identifying dietary components that might help with the treatment of obesity and side effects associated with being overweight. His work, funded by the National Institute of Health, earned him UNCG’s nomination for the O. Max Gardner award. An essential part of his work […]