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Photo of Dr. Ye He and Chancellor Brady

Photo of the recipients at the close of the ceremonyIt’s an exciting time of year, Chancellor Linda P. Brady told those gathered in the EUC Auditorium the morning of April 4. “A time to recognize the scholarship and service of faculty, staff and students.”

More than a dozen awards were presented at the 2014 Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards ceremony. Service pins recipients were recognized as well.

These outstanding faculty and staff really do reflect the outstanding work throughout the university, she said.

30 year service pin recipients:
Dr. Rebecca Adams
Lennie Alexander
Patricia Bowden
Dr. Julie Brown
Deloris Davis
Ralice Gertz
Cathy Griffith
Timothy Johnston
Dr. Susan Keane
Jo Leimenstoll
Liz Meeks
James Turner
Dr. Jerry Walsh
Dr. Nicholas Williamson

35 year service pins:
Dr. William Karper
Dr. Elizabeth Lacey
Dr. Stephen Layson
Dr. Paul Mazgaj
Sharon Nash-Sellars
Wallace Perdue
Connie Prater
Mark Schumacher
Dawn Wyrick

40 year service pins:
Dr. Joshua Hoffman
John Maggio
Cathy Roberts
Dr. William Tullar
Dr. Jerry Vaughan

Dr. Jane Harris – Katherine H. Taylor Award for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Ye He – Mary Settle Sharp Award for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Wayne Journell – James Y. Joyner Award for Teaching Excellence
Robin Maxwell – Anna Gove Award for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Bruce Kirchoff – UNC Board of Governors Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Kelly Rowett-James – Gladys Strawn Bullard Award
Jim Clark – Gladys Strawn Bullard Award
Yuliana Rodriguez – Gladys Strawn Bullard Award

Dr. Michael McIntosh – O. Max Gardner Award

Dr. Jennifer Etnier – Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Michael Kane – Research Excellence Award
Dr. Paul Silvia – Research Excellence Award

Melissa Barnes – Staff Excellence Award
Paige Morris – Staff Excellence Award

Bachelor of Arts Program in Media Studies – Student Learning Enhancement Award (Dr. Kimberlianne Podlas accepted for the program.)
Department of Human Development and Family Studies – Student Learning Enhancement Award (Dr. Mark Fine and Dr. Kathleen Williams accepted for the department.)

Christine Fischer – Supervisory Recognition Award
Jacqueline Dozier – Supervisory Recognition Award

Visuals: Dr. Ye He and Chancellor Brady. The recipients at the close of the ceremony.
Photography by David Wilson.

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