News Items from UNC Greensboro

Hello: Amanda Teer, Facilities Operations; Andrew Sanders, Information Technology Services; Sean Devlin, Information Technology Services; Alice Culclasure, Weatherspoon Art Museum; Stephen Patalano, Public Safety & Police; Mandy Hiatt, Information Technology Services; Elizabeth Dewey, Facilities Operations; Braxton Hiatt, Public Safety & Police; Kenneth Beasley, Housing and Residence Life; Stephen Hale, Human Resources; Tiffany Jones, Human Development […]

I see a lot of interesting tweets – they are a window into what people are really thinking at any given time. I was struck by this early summer tweet on May 13: “If ever I was unsure of continuing my education at UNCG, seeing the beauty its campus offers and experiencing the kindness of […]

Students have several more days to submit proposals to a global conference to be held here at UNCG. UNCG will be one of the host sites for the 3rd Annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) on September 28-29, 2015. Abstracts from undergraduates are due May 31, 2015. Register here. In September, students and attendees […]

Everything will be two for a dollar, at the 2015 UNCG Cram & Scram sale Saturday, May 30, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the EUC’s Cone Ballroom. The sale is open to the public. Expect to see lots of items commonly found in dorm rooms – clothing, shoes, desk furniture, miscellaneous decor, electronics, lamps […]

I got a note Friday questioning whether “11th chancellor” is accurate. This provides a great opportunity to explore our history – and to verify that the statement is in fact accurate. The first two campus leaders, McIver and Foust, were not called “chancellor” – the title was adopted in 1945, apparently. And two leaders were […]

There’s great art and invaluable history in lots of unanticipated places at UNCG. This summer, CW will show you some. First, let’s stop by Sink Building – and consider perhaps the most important architect to call Greensboro home: Harry Barton. I toured his 1927-built home in Hamilton Lakes/Old Starmount recently, part of a Preservation Greensboro […]