News Items from UNC Greensboro

Dr. Perry Flynn (Communication Sciences and Disorders) has received funding from Phoenix Academy for a “Speech Language Pathology Service Contract with Phoenix Academy.” The purpose of this agreement is to provide speech and language therapy services to children in the Phoenix Academy who qualify for these services.

Speaking Center Director Kim Cuny and Assistant Director Erin Ellis have each published an essay in the new book “Communicating Advice.”  Both essays cover working in the UNCG Speaking Center with UNCG students. In Cuny’s essay she explores consultant engagement as a means to encourage a steward mentality among her staff. Cuny finds that emphasizing […]

There’s a yellowed piece of paper with a jagged edge pinned above Elizabeth Hudson’s desk at Our State magazine. On it, there’s a list penned in tight cursive of nine definitive characteristics of Southern fiction: deep involvement in place, family bonds, celebration of eccentricity, strong narrative voice, themes of human endurance, local tradition, sense of […]

For many students and staff on UNCG’s campus, “Gatewood” is simply the name of the university’s studio arts building, but that’s about to change. “Maud Gatewood is one of the most significant painters to work in North Carolina in the second half of this past century,” said Dr. Lawrence Jenkens, head of UNCG’s art department. […]

Hello Dorndra Johnson, Psychology; Silvio Almeida, Housekeeping; Hope Warren, Housekeeping; Ashley Hill, Campus Activities & Programs; Curtis Harsten, Housekeeping; Pamara Carter, Housekeeping; Jermaine Williams, Athletics; Kimberly Moody, School of Nursing; Christina Groves, Educational Research Methodology; Ashley Trebisacci, Dean’s Office, School of HHS; Alyssa Wharton, Math and Statistics; Amber Crocker, Human Development & Family Studies; Jeanie […]

Dr. Maha Elobeid (Center for New North Carolinians) received renewed funding from the DHHS Office of Refugee Resettlement for “Micro-Enterprise for Refugees in the Triad.” Refugees, who traditionally have found employment in factories, have been among the hardest hit with the shortage of jobs and employment opportunities in the Triad area, the abstract states. There […]

Dr. Kelly Wester and Dr. Keith Mobley (Counseling and Educational Development) received a continuation of funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration for “Enhancing Evidence-based Clinical Internships.” The Department of Counseling and Educational Development at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers CACREP-accredited master’s degree in Counseling. Seventy-five full-time students focusing on the […]

Dr. Deborah Cassidy (HDFS) received new funding from the Guilford County Partnership for Children. The project will address a critical need in Guilford County – the improvement of quality in community child care settings. The project addresses activities for family child care homes and centers including professional development, program enhancement through individual consultation, community learning […]