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Photo of Foust ParkThere’s a little more than a week remaining in the SECC campaign. SECC campus chair Macea Whisettse provides an update:

UNCG faculty and staff have raised 75 percent of the campus goal. Approximately 24 percent of employees have participated in the campaign so far.

“Please help us raise $50,000 in the next few weeks,” she says.

Visit NCSECC.org and search by type of service to find charities that match your interests. Go to the website, click “Give Now” and give an impactful gift through your ePledge contribution or an SECC pledge form. Small monthly payroll deduction pledges allow you to make a more powerful impact over time.

There were weekly drawings through Nov. 20 for those who participated early in the campaign. Among the winners were Adam R. Horton, Dr. Kari M. Eddington, Dr. Jude Edmunds, Jerry Sides, Nikiah B. Barnes, Joy C. Scott, Kristin Norden, and Shelley Ewing.

And the giving continues.

“Remember, no gift is too great or too small. Any amount you can give will make a difference,” Whisettse says. “Please join us in making a difference through our Power of Giving.”

Questions? Email secc@uncg.edu.

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