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The 2018 Faculty First awardees are below. The awards, which typically fund summer scholarship, are offered to tenure-track and tenured faculty. Information about next year’s awards is available here.

Applegarth, Risa – English – Children Speaking: Rhetorical Agency in Children’s Activism

Barr, Matthew – Media Studies – Re-Edit of Documentary, Union Time: Fighting for Workers’ Rights, for Education & Training Contexts

Bray, Jeremy & Gruber, Ken & Sills, Stephen  – Center for Housing and Community Studies, Economics, and Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships – UNCG Eviction Diversion Research Project (EDRP): A Demonstration Project for Guilford County MetroLab Partnership

Dawkins, April – Library & Information Studies – Bridging the Gap: Community College Library Service to Early College Students

Dischell, Stuart – English – Walking the Walls of the Farmers General

Dyson, Yarneccia – Social Work – An Examination of Psychosocial and Environmental Factors As Predictors of Risk for HIV in African American College Students enrolled at HBCU’s and MSI’s

Erickson, Keith – Nutrition – Sex and genetic factors involved in the alterations of brain iron biology due to obesity

Fairbanks, Colleen & Zoch, Melody – TEHE – Immigrant and Refugee Youth and Adults’ Literacy Learning through Digital Storytelling

Ford, Yvonne – Nursing – Adult Health – Assessing cardiovascular health of African-American breast cancer survivors: a feasibility study

Gabbay, Alyssa – Religious Studies – Gender and Succession in Medieval Islam: Bilateral Descent and the Legacy of Fatima

Gicheva, Dora – Economics – Impacts of Expanding Access to Health Insurance for College Students

Grannemann, Hannah – Arts Administration – Audience Engagement and Organizational Sustainability: Research Agenda Exploration

Grieve, Gregory – Religious Studies – Evil and Video Games

Kuperberg, Arielle – Sociology – Student Loans, Strong and Weak Ties, and the Transition out of College

La Paro, Karen – HDFS – Early Childhood education Teacher Preparation: Moving Forward: Focus on Outcomes

Lawrimore, Erin – University Libraries – Well Crafted NC: Documenting Women in North Carolina’s Craft Beer Industry

Lopez, Fabian & Zandmane, Inara – Music – CD Recording and promotional videos, Title CD: A Few Pieces We Like

Park, Jennifer – English – Pretergenerations: The Science and Drama of Immortality

Petersen, Kimberly – Chemistry & Biochemistry – Development of Novel Reactions with Nitrile Electrophiles

Skotnicki, Tad – Sociology – Anonymous Goods and the Rise of Consumer Activism

Smyth, Clifford – Mathematics & Statistics – Addressing the Extreme Fragility of Machine Learning Algorithms that Can Perform Medical Image Recognition at Superhuman Levels

Sultana, Selima – Geography – Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) and African American Underrepresentation

Suthaharan, Shanmugathasan – Computer Science – Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Methods for the Classification of Mixed Fruits and Vegetables

Wharton, David – Classical Studies – A Cultural History of Color in Antiquity

Copy courtesy UNCG Research and Engagement website.

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