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Group photo of inductiesIn April, UNCG’s Golden Chain Honor Society welcomed 26 new members.

This organization, unique to UNCG, recognizes outstanding juniors and seniors who embody the seven golden chain links: leadership, scholarship, service, tolerance, magnanimity, judgment, and character. Members must have at least a 3.25 GPA.

The guest speaker at the induction ceremony was UNCG alumna Kiya Ward, who spoke on how the seven golden chain traits have served her in her life after graduation.

Honorees include:
Dylan Belles
Karen Boger
Stephanie Brabec
Kamisha Carpenter
Alison Castillo
Nicholas Chapman
Catherine Choi
Corey Croegaert
Ashley Eddleman
Richard Guile
Micaela Harper
Isiah Harris
Kelly Hook
Shannon Jones
Bryahna Mason
Macy McFatter
Erin Neely
Lasse Palomaki
Jennifer Plouffé
Shawn Ratcliff
Christopher Reingen
Lindsay Thomas
Nicole Thomas
Miranda Weavil
Chesney White
Shelton Young

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