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Over the past two weeks, faculty and staff from across campus have been working with the Undergraduate Admissions Office to call high-caliber admitted students as a part of the Faculty Phone-a-Thon. This calling initiative is designed to allow these potential freshmen for Fall 2016 to make early connections to their future faculty and encourage them to attend the university. During the phone-a-thon, students expressed gratitude and some surprise that faculty would take the time to reach out and answer questions.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office will be heading up more calling initiatives throughout the spring semester. Those interested in participating should contact Janoah Williams, Undergraduate Admissions graduate assistant, at jgwilli6@uncg.edu.

Spring 2016 Faculty Phone–a–Thon participants

Dr. Kathleen Williams – Kinesiology
Mrs. Robin Maxwell – Biology
Dr. Lauren Haldeman – Nutrition
Ms. Peggy Trent – Nursing
Ms. Melissa Hershberger – Accounting and Finance
Dr. Robert Anemone – Anthropology
Dr. Thomas Lewis – Mathematics and Statistics
Ms. Janet Lilly – Dance
Dr. Elizabeth Tomlin – Biology
Ms. Megan Delph – Health and Human Sciences
Dr. Sam Miller – Education
Dr. Dale Schunk – Education
Dr. Vidya Gargeya – Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
Mrs. Kathryn Aldridge – Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Jerry Walsh – Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Stuart Schleien – Community and Therapeutic Recreation
Dr. Aaron Terranova – Kinesiology
Dr. Allan Goldfarb – Kinesiology
Ms. Carrie Rosario – Public Health
Dr. Pam Ladrow – Psychology
Ms. Susan Hensley-Hannah – Nursing
Dr. Laurie Kennedy-Malone – Nursing
Dr. Ethan Zell – Psychology
Dr. Sarah Cervenak – African American and Diaspora Studies/Women and Gender Studies
Dr. Robert Stavn – Biology
Dr. Esther Leise – Biology
Dr. Kathleen Williams – Health and Human Sciences
Dr. William Tullar – Management
Dr. Channelle James – Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism
Ms. Ann Somers – Biology
Dr. Susanne Rinner – Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Dr. Scott Howerton – Education
Dr. Roberto Campo – International and Global Studies
Ms. Hillary McAlhany – Nursing
Ms. Britt Flanagan – Nursing
Dr. Ashleigh Gallagher – Psychology
Dr. Suzanne Vrshek–Schallhorn – Psychology
Mrs. Eloise Hassell – Management
Dr. Zhonghui “Hugo” Wang – Management
Dr. Robert Griffiths – Political Science
Ms. Emily Hamuka – Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dr. Joanne Murphy – Classical Studies
Dr. Jeremy Bray – Economics
Dr. Jenny Sandoval – Nursing
Dr. Olav Rueppell – Biology
Dr. Tracey Howell – Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Chris Rhea – Kinesiology
Mrs. Jennifer Clark – Health and Human Sciences
Dr. Yonghong “Tracy” Liu – Management
Dr. Susanne Jordan – Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies
Dr. Harper Roehm – Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism
Dr. Robin Remsburg – Nursing
Mr. Matt Barr – Media Studies

Copy provided by Undergraduate Admissions

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