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UNCG’s Human Resources updated university employees in recent days about the meeting of the State Health Plan’s trustees. The following is drawn from the most recent update:

The State Health Plan’s Board of Trustees met on Friday, February 5, 2016, to discuss potential changes to State Health Plan benefits for 2017. A complete summary of their actions and information regarding the meeting may be found at the State Health Plan website.

Of particular note, benefit changes beyond 2017, including the discussion regarding changes to the Enhanced 80/20 Plan, will be delayed until a later date. The removal of spousal coverage was also presented to the Board in January as a potential savings strategy. The Board does not have the authority to change eligibility and did not vote to request or recommend legislation to remove spousal coverage.

As a reminder, in the 2015 budget the General Assembly required the State Health Plan to take steps to reduce the projected increase to the state contribution for the 2017-19 fiscal biennium while maintaining significant cash reserves. With this legislative directive in mind, the State Health Plan will continue to work through various scenarios beyond 2017 to increase member engagement in order to reduce costs over time while providing meaningful benefits in accordance with the Board’s strategic plan.

We will continue to work with the Chancellor’s Office and UNC General Administration to monitor discussions regarding state health plan benefits. If you have additional questions, please contact Emily Foust, UNCG benefits manager, at 334-5009.

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