News Items from UNC Greensboro

Three faculty members have accepted appointments in Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Patrick Lee Lucas as Executive Director of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons, Dr. Jan Rychtar as Interim Director of Undergraduate Research, and Dr. Ben Ramsey as Senior Fellow in Ashby Residential College.

Lucas is an associate professor in Interior Architecture. He is also the recipient of UNCG’s 2011 Board of Governors Teaching Excellence Award, the highest recognition of pedagogical prowess. He earned his bachelor’s in architecture at the University of Cincinnati, a master’s in interior design at the University of Kentucky, and a doctorate in American Studies at Michigan State University. He is working on a book about the Lowenstein Legacy, an ongoing, collaborative learning experience centered on the work of Greensboro architectural modernist Edward Lowenstein. He assumed his duties in FTLC on July 1. He has already begun extensive conversations with colleagues across campus regarding transformative new directions for the Faculty Commons.

Rychtar, associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has assumed the Interim Directorship of the Office of Undergraduate Research for a one-year period, starting Aug. 1. Rychtar came to UNCG in 2004 after earning his PhD from the University of Alberta and an MS and BS from Charles University in Prague. He has been heavily involved in undergraduate research since his arrival on campus, and he has thus gained a thorough knowledge of its mission and operations. In his application letter, he wrote, “Serving in this position will give me an opportunity to pay back the UNCG community for all the help and resources I received from OUR.”

Ramsey is an associate professor in Religious Studies. He received a bachelor’s from Hamilton College and two master’s degrees (Divinity and Philosophy) and a PhD from Union Theological Seminary. His long-standing association with Ashby has earned him a special place there, where his name is mentioned alongside the most distinguished Ashby leaders throughout its 42-year history. He will assume a planning role in the fall while he continues his work in Religious Studies, with the full-time commitment to begin Jan. 1, 2013.

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