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Publicity photo for “Tennessee Playboy"2013’s Theatre 232, the collaborative summer theatre festival of Triad Stage and UNCG, will present four plays this month.

A group of seven UNCG student actors and five student designers and a team of 10 undergraduate technicians and stage managers are currently at work, growing professionally and artistically. Several UNCG faculty members play key roles as well.

Jim Wren is the artistic director of Theatre 232.

“Tennessee Playboy” will be produced on Triad Stage’s main stage. Written and directed by Theatre faculty member Preston Lane, it is freely adapted from J.M. Synge’s “The Playboy of the Western World.” It is a celebration of first love, tall tales and second chances – and runs June 9-30.

“Judith of Bethulia” performs in the UpStage Cabaret at Triad Stage. This is a late-night show for adults.

“God of Carnage” won the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play. It will be produced at the Brown Building Theatre.

“Noodle Doodle Box” will also be at the Brown Building Theater. It is an hour-long show written for kids ages 4-8.

UNCG graduate students Jami Witt, Aaron Brakefield and Amy Hamel can be seen in “Tennessee Playboy,” “Noodle Doodle Box” and “Judith of Bethulia.” Alan Miller, Miranda Barnett, Tara-Whitney Rison and David Coolidge are featured in “Noodle Doodle Box,” “God of Carnage” and “Judith of Bethulia.”

For tickets and details, call 272-0160 or visit www.triadstage.org.

Visual for “Tennessee Playboy,” (l-r): Denise Lute, Dierdre Friel, James Kautz, and UNCG students Jami Witt and Amy Hamel. Photo by VanderVeen Photographers

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