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Dissertations are normally lengthy.

Ten UNCG doctoral students had exactly three minutes and one PowerPoint slide in which to convey the scope and importance of their dissertation research to a general audience.

The 3MT Final Competition event was held Nov. 18 in the Alumni House.

The prize for first place that day? $1,000 plus hotel and airfare to compete in the next round in New Orleans in the spring.

The first place winner was Matt Marshall, Biology. His presentation was “The Genetics of Thermal Plasticity in Plantago Lanceolata.” It’s an herb common around the world – but it grows differently in varying climates.

Second Place ($500) was Rachel Bowman, English, for “The Embodied Rhetoric of United States Marine Corps Recruit Training.”

People’s Choice ($250) was Derek Shore, Chemistry and Biochemistry for “The Unprecedented Therapeutic Potential of Biased Agonists.”

The other competitors were:
Kevan Mellendick, Nutrition: “Diet Quality and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adolescents”
Matthew Wittstein, Kinesiology: “Heart, Lungs, Movement: Connecting All the Dots to Better Health”
Lauren Sastre, Nutrition: “Let’s Talk Food! An Exploration of the Dietary Perceptions, Behaviors, and Interests of Newly Arrived Immigrant and Refugee Youth”
Jodi Bartley, Counseling and Educational Development: “Touchstones of Connection: Therapist Factors that Contribute to Relational Depth”
Aaron Piepmeier, Kinesiology: “A Closer Look at the Role of BDNF as a Causal Link in the Physical Activity-Cognition Relationship”
Elyse Shearer, Nutrition: “Get Active, Eat Right: A Postpartum Weight Loss Intervention”
Angela Larsen, Biology: “How do Behavioral Alterations Drive Population and Community Dynamics of Rodents in Heterogeneous Habitat Types?”

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