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Dear UNCG Community,

It is hard to believe how fast the months have passed since I first set foot on the UNC Greensboro campus at the beginning of October as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. When Chancellor Gilliam asked me to consider assisting with the leadership transition in the Finance and Administration division, I was honored to engage with the Spartan community, given its strong reputation. Having been on the UNCG campus over the years a few times for meetings, I knew enough about UNCG to know it was a place I would find interesting and challenging.

Needless to say, it has been a rewarding experience. My short tenure has been a journey of discovery and appreciation. I discovered what a true asset UNCG is for the State of North Carolina, and I have come to appreciate the dedication, creativity, and expertise of the faculty and staff that make this university unique. These qualities have shined even brighter in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been impressed by the care, commitment, and professionalism I have seen across the university as we have navigated the initial stages of this challenge.

During the past few months, I was impressed with the many initiatives this institution has set in motion. The Strategic Plan and the soon to be updated Campus Master Plan are two guiding documents that will serve UNCG well. Keep Taking Giant Steps!

I want to thank all those on campus that I have come to know as colleagues for their willingness to share their love of the institution. Through this experience and my time here, I have become – and will remain — an enthusiastic advocate for UNC Greensboro.

Go Spartans!
Charlie Leffler

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