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Portrait photo of Abigail Kidd

Incoming UNCG education major Abigail Kidd taught her first students when she was in middle school. After the bell rang to end her school day she’d walk to her mother’s kindergarten class and teach math to five-year-olds. And when she arrived home she helped younger neighbors learn all she’d absorbed at school that day. Her love for teaching has never wavered.

Kidd graduated near the top of her class of at East Forsyth High School in Kernersville. During the process she accumulated a number of honors: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society and Rotary Leadership Program. Throw in some cheerleading, church youth leadership and Humane Society volunteering and you’ve got an extremely well versed, motivated young woman.

So why decide to become a Spartan? True to her interest in education, she did her homework, talked with people who knew the university, and did what she felt would further her career aspirations.

“UNCG is an amazing school, especially for education,” says Kidd. “My mother, being an educator herself, always heard wonderful things about student teachers from UNCG, so that definitely informed my decision.”

A prestigious scholarship sealed the deal. After an extensive vetting process, Kidd became one of 11 students accepted into the UNCG Teacher Education Fellows Program.

“The one thing that made my decision final was receiving the teaching fellowship,” she notes.

To Kidd a single degree in education would be – excuse the pun – elementary. She wants to go further; she dreams of something larger – a trifecta of sorts.

“My goal is to triple major in deaf education, special education and elementary education,” says Kidd. “I hope to graduate in four years and study abroad. I can’t wait for all of the experiences college will bring, the people I will meet and the person I will become.”

Her enthusiasm for college and teaching is evident, although her desire to be in education holds a much deeper meaning than her excitement might impart.

“Education has the power to shape students into who they will become,” says Kidd. “Nelson Mandela once said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’ I think it’s very true and can’t be taken lightly. I believe the field of education needs great teachers to shape the students and influence them. I plan to be one of them.”

Abigail is one of approximately 200 incoming freshmen that the Faculty in The School of Education is delighted to have joining UNCG this fall. Each student aspires to improve lives through education and, throughout their career, will.

“Abigail is a truly remarkable student, and we are delighted that she chose to join UNCG’s School of Education. Pairing her tremendous potential as an educator with the exceptional training she will receive at UNCG, I have little doubt that she will change the lives of generations of students,” said Randall Penfield, Interim Dean at The School of Education.


Story by Mary Leigh Howell, contributor
Photography by Martin W. Kane, UNCG University Relations

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