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UNCG News is our main University news site. UNCG News provides engaging stories about UNCG research and activities, a campus events calendar, faculty and staff news and information, and highlights of external media coverage. The faculty and staff section of UNCG News provides information specifically of interest to and about faculty and staff – from recent accomplishments of individuals to campus-wide logistical information and event announcements.

The best way to share your news for potential coverage is to submit your news here. This form will be monitored by multiple people on the University Communications team. We will respond as soon as we can to ideas and requests. 

You may see references to Campus Weekly in some stories. Campus Weekly was our website for faculty/staff news prior to January 2020. It was combined with the UNCG Now website to create today’s UNCG News. Today, Campus Weekly is a weekly email newsletter that includes items specifically of interest to faculty and staff, many of which are posted on UNCG News.

The deadline for submissions that could appear in the following week’s Campus Weekly is Thursday at 5 p.m., six days before the official release date. Submissions will be edited for consistency in style, tone, and length. When submitting, please provide links to pages where the information is already posted, such as on department or unit websites. To directly reach the Campus Weekly staff, email cweekly@uncg.edu. Again, please use the new form as the primary channel for submitting your story ideas.

And there’s more … University Communications also publishes a UNCG weekly highlights newsletter, UNCG Top 5 This Week, which reaches alumni, parents, and community members. It spotlights five items that typically come from the UNCG News site plus several photographs. To receive the Top 5, subscribe on this page

And for more access to news, info, and alerts, make sure you download the UNCG Mobile app from the Apple and Google Play stores. The app not only delivers the latest University news, but also has the ability to notify you of key events, deadlines, and other breaking stories. It is an increasingly important channel for us to reach you in a faster, more convenient way.

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