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To increase employee customer service and efficiency, important enhancements will occur with UNCG Direct Deposit. In summary, the enhancements are: 1) Accounts Payable electronic funds transfer (EFT) of reimbursements will be made to the same bank account as employee payment, and 2) each employee will have the ability to update his/her direct deposit/EFT information through UNCGenie, Each of these changes will take affect August 1, 2011.

Accounts Payable Electronic Funds Transfer
Effective August 1, 2011, Accounts Payable reimbursements, including travel reimbursements, will be paid through the same direct deposit information as used by each employee for Payroll payment. This change will require no set-up or extra maintenance on the part of the employee. We are modifying our system and processes to use the same bank information for both Payroll and Accounts Payable reimbursements.

As an employee has an Accounts Payable reimbursement, the employee will receive an e-mail with the subject of “UNCG – Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Advice”. This e-mail will have a pdf file attached that includes reimbursement stub detail information, consistent with a historical accounts payable check stub, to reflect activity being reimbursed. The deposit typically will be credited to the employee’s bank account within 2-4 banking days, perhaps less.

Direct Deposit Maintenance
Effective August 1, 2011, each employee can update his/her bank information for Direct Deposit of both Payroll and Accounts Payable reimbursements through UNCGenie. The same bank information will be used for both types of activity. Dependent upon the timing of the employee updating Direct Deposit information vs. Payroll and Accounts Payable processing, there may be a delay in future activity being changed to reflect revised banking information. For example, changes within 7 banking days of pay date are generally not effective until the next pay date. Available through UNCGenie, each employee can see the last four digits of the bank account number of the payroll deposit on the employee’s UNCG Pay Stub Detail.

Contact Information
If an employee has any general questions about these enhancements, please contact Randy Bennett, Assistant Controller, at rwbennet@uncg.edu or 334-5795.

If an employee needs to directly contact the Payroll Office regarding a specific action, such as closure of a bank account, please contact payroll1@uncg.edu, or Ebony Miles at 334-5022.

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