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Dear UNCG Faculty and Staff,

The Department of Campus Recreation has been working on a “call to action” in support of the 2009-2014 UNCG Strategic Plan 2.0 (Health and Wellness across the Life Span). After much reflection on our mission, vision, and values, we created a new direction to encourage all employees to stay healthy and active in a demanding economy. This initiative includes a complete revision to our Student Recreation Center (SRC) membership packages and pricing structure. In addition, Power Yoga and Pilates classes, which largely include faculty and staff participants, will no longer have an additional fee. Recent evidence from our 2009-2010 study on UNCG faculty and staff participation in the Student Recreation Center indicated lack of parking as the highest reported cause for attrition. Beginning this fall, through collaborative efforts with Parking Operations & Campus Access Management, all SRC members may request a UNCG parking pass from the Department of Campus Recreation for the lot directly across from the SRC (Parking Lot 9 North) during designated hours (Monday – Friday 6am-8am and 4pm-11pm, and weekends). These passes are designed for members to park close to the SRC for a quick workout. For more information regarding memberships, Power Yoga and Pilates, and parking passes, please contact the Department of Campus Recreation at 334-5924, email at campusrec@uncg.edu or visit our website at campusrec.uncg.edu.

To Your Health,

Heather L. Sanderson, Ed.D.
Fitness Director

Cindy Hardy,

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