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Headshot of the VC

Headshot of the VCJeff Whitworth, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure and Chief Infrastructure Architect at UNC Greensboro, received an honor from MCNC, the nonprofit operator of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).

MCNC (Microelectronics Center of North Carolina), through its Empower Award, recognizes an individual who is not a long-time member of the NCREN user community but has made an immediate impact upon engagement. Whitworth is this year’s recipient.

He joined UNCG  12 years ago as a systems architect. He rose to become Manager, Enterprise Systems; then Chief IT Infrastructure Architect, then Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure.

In January of this year, Whitworth was appointed Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure and Chief Infrastructure Architect.

He has also been a part-time lecturer in the Computer Science department since 2013.

He received his MS in computer science from UNCG, and his BS in computer in computer science from UNC Wilmington.

MCNC last week celebrated the 35th anniversary of the state’s largest broadband network during NCREN Community Day 2019 at Durham Convention Center. More than 200 top education, government, and technology executives participated in discussions at the event, where the award was presented.

MCNC’s mission is to advance education, research, health care, public safety, agriculture, and the overall levels of broadband connectivity in North Carolina by providing a world-class network necessary for innovation, collaboration, and economic development.



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