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Photo of Chancellor Gilliam at podium

Photo of Chancellor Gilliam at podiumUNC Greensboro faculty and staff came together to hear from Chancellor Gilliam and ask questions during the Chancellor’s Town Hall in the EUC’s Maple Room Nov. 13.

The Town Hall began with remarks from Chancellor Gilliam regarding the state of the campus and its next steps for becoming a transformed University. He began by describing UNCG’s “inflection point,” and explaining the processes by which UNCG will be transformed. He emphasized the importance of articulating opportunities, aligning resources, activating priorities, amplification and engagement, and assessment.

“We have an opportunity to accelerate progress in this University. We have a track record proving that we’ve aligned our scholarship, educational programs, community engagement and infrastructure. As a university, the context is right. We have an opportunity to be an engine of prosperity here in this region, and I think we have the right people in place,” Chancellor Gilliam said.

After Chancellor Gilliam made his remarks, he opened the floor to questions from faculty and staff. Staff Senate co-chairs Stephen Hale and Bruce Pomeroy asked questions on behalf of the Staff Senate while Dr. Andrea Hunter, chair of Faculty Senate, asked questions on behalf of Faculty Senate. Hale facilitated the question and answer discussion. Nearly twenty questions or topics emerged from the floor, from online questions, and the senates, in a thoughtful discussion

Topics and questions raised ranged from improving student success and managing the University’s growth to increases in staff and faculty pay, as well as the possibility of new parking spaces. Sustainability and community engagement were among the topics raised, as well.

Another Town Hall for faculty/staff is planned for the spring.

By Victor Ayala

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