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On March 15, a Balanced Choices program will be presented in the “Good 4 U” area of the Spartan Restaurant (the Dining Hall).Balanced Choices is Dining Services’ commitment to and investment in building healthy and sustainable communities. It is a component-based wellness program developed by a team of dietitians, operators, chefs and marketing communications experts. Balanced Choices is directed by Registered Dietitian Amy Moyer.

Components of the Balanced Choices program will include:

  • Food Choices Menu Icon System, which identifies a variety of menu offerings that meet specific nutrition criteria such as vegetarian or reduced sodium.
  • Balanced Choices recipes chosen from a database of over 900 fully recipes.
  • Alliances with organizations including Monterey Bay Aquarium –Seafood Watch, Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, and healthy Monday/Meatless Monday.
  • Advancing the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, including eliminating artificial trans fat from all of the food we serve, reducing sodium, increasing whole grain offerings, increasing fruit and vegetable-based menu items and promoting nutrient-dense foods in appropriate portion sizes to help faculty, staff and students manage their weight and reduce their risk for chronic disease.
  • Chefs and managers required to complete a 10-hour web-based nutrition program created by Framingham State College in Massachusetts, a leader in web-based nutrition education. They in turn train associates at their units.
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