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The great work of the Integrated Futures Team has drawn to a close,  and an Enterprise and Sustainability Management Team has begun its mission. Provost Dana Dunn, Vice Chancellor Charlie Maimone and Vice Chancellor Donna Heath provide an update to the campus community:


Over the past two years, the Integrated Futures Team (IFT), headed by Kristine Sunda, has collaborated with ITS and administrative departments across campus to implement Banner 9. We completed this transition in December 2018.

While we had to complete the upgrade to meet vendor license requirements, we chose to be more thorough in our approach. Through this effort, we were able to reduce custom maintenance by 92 percent in Banner 9. We are now nimble in upgrading and empowered to utilize delivered features and functionality.

Expertise on the IFT is now migrating to each respective division to align with the talent available within divisions.  

Kristine Sunda, Brandi Hagerman, and Elizabeth Cranford will move to a newly created department, Academic Affairs Technologies and Innovation.  

Joella Anderson, Patrick Krueger and Kyle Sauvageau will migrate to Performance, Planning and Emerging Technologies in Business Affairs.  

Sean Farrell and Craig Montgomery have transitioned back to their homes in Human Resources and ITS, respectively.

Future communication will follow describing a process to submit new requests for review.

Thank you to the Integrated Futures Team members and to those involved in this important work from the campus community for the success over the past two years.  

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