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Grogan College supports first-year student learning, personal development and retention through its topical learning communities – groups of 15-25 students who share a common interest in a given academic field. These students are enrolled together in several common courses related to a topic or major. They live together in Grogan Hall, and they work with a faculty fellow who mentors the students and teaches their section of a two-credit seminar course called “The Learning Community Experience.” Grogan College provides funding for community building activities, field experiences and co-curricular activities that are planned by the faculty fellows to support integrative and deep learning.  Grogan’s Director, John Sopper, points to the support of academic departments and dedicated faculty as key to keeping the Program fresh and sustaining its very significant record of success in retaining a wide diversity of UNCG students.

Faculty fellows receive a stipend of $3,000 and have the opportunities to positively impact student success and retention.

Read the full memo about the program.

Have questions? Email John Sopper, director of Grogan College, at jrsopper@uncg.edu.

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