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101310NewsAndNotes_RoomWinnerThe Office of Housing & Residence Life held the third annual Best Dressed Room Contest. Participants decorated their rooms based on five judging criteria: style, creativity, attention to detail, best use of space and overall impact.

In its third year, the program grew in participation from last year with the addition of almost 30 more rooms into the competition, nearly doubling the amount of rooms entered since the inception of the program and more than doubling the amount of male participation. A total of 121 rooms (9 male, 112 female) entered the competition this year, up from last year when 91 rooms (6 male, 85 female) were entered. Twenty-two of the 24 residence halls on campus were represented in the contest, according to Kory Burgess.

Those winning first-place at the hall levels were then judged by Erica Estep (Housing and Residence Life), Kelly Caudle (Undergraduate Admissions), Kevin Scalf (University Relations) and Matt Moss (Residence Hall Association) to see who’d be campus winners of the Best Dressed Room title.

The Grand Prize Winners for Best Dressed Room on Campus were:
First place campus-wide: Amanda Kern and Chelsea Gracyalny who described their room (seen in photo) as follows: “The theme of our room is contemporary house. By the time for judging, we should have a section in our room to represent each room type in a normal house. We will have a kitchen, office, bathroom, living room, bedroom and changing room.”

Second place campus-wide: Josh Scott and Westley Moore who said about their room, “Our room is a very studio-oriented idea. It is somewhat made to look like a stage/recording studio. We love to play music and really like the look of a stage or a studio.”

Third place campus-wide was a tie. One third place winner was Brittany Flynn, who said, “The theme for my room is art. Art means something to me as does photography.” The other third place winners were Alison Stevens and Katherine Walston, who provided a detailed description of their room. They said, “The Bird Sanctuary is our theme. The central image of the peacock painting we made inspired this theme of birds. The vibrant colors of blue and green found on the peacock feathers match our beds. The handcrafted chain of 400 multi-colored origami cranes matches the curtains. Pictures of home-grown flowers and trees represent the environment a bird desires, which gives the room an outdoorsy feeling that is peaceful and reflective. The plants by the window enhance your connection with nature along with images of native North Carolina birds.”

The full list of winners is at http://hrl.uncg.edu/programs/roomcontest/winners.php.

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