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UNCG’s Faculty Senate will elect a chair-elect at its Dec. 3 meeting. This person will become, when they take over, the first chair for a two-year term. 2014-15 chair Spoma Jovanovic is the final chair serving a one-year term.

Until now, only sitting members of the Faculty Senate were eligible for election to chair-elect. At the fall General Faculty meeting last month, faculty voted to allow any tenured faculty member to be eligible for election. “While only the senators vote, and they will of course consider experience on Senate now or previously as an important factor, we recognize that many people on our faculty may have interest, experience, and desire to serve in this leadership capacity so our field of possible candidates is now greatly expanded,” Jovanovic explains.

The Elections Committee, chaired by Stoel Burrowes, will forward nominations for chair-elect to the Senate for a vote. Email the nomination and a statement of qualifications to s_burrow@uncg.edu. The nomination deadline is Nov. 25.

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