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On Friday, July 8, 2022, Information Technology Services (ITS) began modifying some Box and Google Workspace accounts to better manage licensing and storage capacity according to our data-retention requirements

The Box and Google Workspace modifications signify the accounts’ expiration and their eventual deprovision. In Spring 2023, ITS will begin to deprovision expired accounts in Box and Google, according to retention guidelines.

When an account is deprovisioned, data owned by the account is deleted. To ensure business continuity, UNCG users are encouraged to review the Box and Google Drive data they use to determine if the data is owned by an account that is scheduled for deprovisioning. If it is, users should request a data-ownership transfer to retain the data and access to it.

The Box and Google Workspace Account Data to be Deleted knowledge article provides details on the deprovisioning process and timeline. Please read to ensure your department’s data are not lost. 

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