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The identification of a number of programs as exceptionally strong in quality and/or function provides an important starting point as we refine the identity and sense of purpose for our university, the chancellor says.

She spoke to the faculty gathered at last week’s General Faculty Meeting. (Later in the meeting, Provost Perrin presented his report on program review. See related story.)

She reiterated that the review process will help to position our university to be as strong academically as possible.

“This process of academic program review – as challenging as it has been for the campus – has identified significant areas of strength and opportunity that will help shape the direction of this university in the coming years,” the chancellor said.

She indicated she would be available to meet with departmental or program leadership who are concerned with discontinuation in the days following the meeting. She is scheduled to present her recommendations at this week’s Board of Trustees meeting. Her report will then go to the UNC Board of Governors.

“Let me acknowledge how difficult the past several years have been for all of us. The budget cuts that we have sustained have made a significant impact on this community and our people. Academic restructuring and program review have generated uncertainty and concern about our individual and collective futures. But through it all, UNCG’s faculty and staff have remained committed to our mission.”

She noted the results of that commitment will be evident at commencement.

By Mike Harris


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