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Dr. Dana Dunn, provost and executive vice chancellor, has an announcement for faculty and staff:

Dear Colleagues:

The University of North Carolina Greensboro is strongly committed to the advancement of women in leadership roles in higher education. As a reflection of that commitment, I want to make sure you know about the BRIDGES Academic Leadership Program for Women, http://fridaycenter.unc.edu/noncreditprograms/bridges, a professional development opportunity for women faculty and senior administrative staff. It is sponsored by UNC Chapel Hill and many UNCG women are graduates since the program began twenty-five years ago.  Women from business affairs, student affairs, and academic affairs are all candidates and encouraged to participate.

My office will be funding one candidate from UNCG.  Please forward a printed and scanned copy of your nomination to my assistant, Jenny Johnson, at jennyjojohnson@uncg.edu by April 26 at noon.  The UNCG Campus Selection Committee, made up of past graduates of the Bridges Program, will make a decision on the UNCG-funded candidate byApril 27 and that candidate can submit her application online at the link from http://fridaycenter.unc.edu/noncreditprograms/bridges/ by the May 4th deadline. Selection by UNCG does not guarantee selection by the Bridges Admissions Committee.

Note:  Unit deans or supervisors willing to fund an applicant may have their own selection process and have those candidates submit to the Bridges Admissions Committee directly at www.fridaycenter.unc.edu/pdep/bridges.

Note:  If you have any questions about Bridges or the campus process, please email Celia R. Hooper, Dean, HHS, Bridges Advisory Board at crhooper@uncg.edu.

Background information: BRIDGES is organized into four weekend sessions that will take place from September 8 to November 18, 2017. Participants will learn about leadership from a variety of experts and will have ample opportunity to share ideas, network, and learn from each other. Faculty for BRIDGES is drawn from area institutions, with consultants brought in to strengthen certain areas of the curriculum. This year’s class will again consist of 36 women. The application deadline is May 4, 2017.  The fee for the program is $1950.00, which includes all instruction, educational materials, and meals as well as accommodations for two overnight weekend sessions. UNCG has a tradition of funding at least one candidate from my office and others from academic or other units on campus.

BRIDGES received national recognition and was awarded the 2013 American Council on Education’s (ACE) State Network Leadership Award.

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