News Items from UNC Greensboro

The division of Business Affairs is establishing benchmarks. In coming weeks, Business Affairs will conduct two surveys.

One will be an internal Business Affairs employee engagement survey.

The other will look at Business Affairs’ customer service. Using questions developed by the Education Advisory Board, this UNCG Administrative Services survey will be sent to managers, deans, chairs, etc, across the university to see how Business Affairs is doing from a “customer’s” perspective.

Charlie Maimone, vice chancellor for business affairs, told Staff Senators on Nov. 13 that the surveys are not about evaluating performance. They are about looking forward, he explained. These surveys will establish a baseline helpful for the future. He showed samples of similar helpful surveys conducted at UNC Wilmington during his tenure there.

Other notes from the Staff Senate meeting:

  • The UNCG Bookstore is receiving a “facelift” and will look great after Thanksgiving.
  • The telecommunications are being installed at the new UNCG Police Station near Spartan Village.
  • At the Homecoming 5K co-sponsored by Staff Senate, 95 people signed up and 65 actually ran. $250 was raised.
  • At the card signing for military veterans, 200 cards were created and signed.
  • Eight people have been nominated and approved for the Staff Senate angel tree this holiday season. There will be a gift wrapping session in December.
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