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Lloyd International Honors College invites nominations for the 2020 Provost Student Excellence Award, which is conferred each spring at the Student Honors Convocation. This award is the highest academic honor given to undergraduates at UNCG. Lloyd’s Honors Council celebrates the most outstanding of UNCG’s undergraduate students by selecting the winners from among the nominees. The Honors Council bestows the award on those seniors with high academic achievement who have engaged in the following criteria:

  • Creativity, initiative, and/or perseverance inside and outside the classroom
  • Significant service and leadership at the University
  • Other ways of enriching communities on and beyond campus

Evidence of these accomplishments is usually demonstrated inside the classroom by the achievement of high grades and the superior completion of specific projects and assignments. Outside the classroom, evidence typically includes such activities as independent research and other creative activities, study abroad, and community involvement that are linked to the student’s academic studies. The nomination, as well as one or two faculty recommendations, should speak to these criteria and address student performance in both settings and should include specific examples. The process for submission has been updated and is now paperless. All information will be uploaded to the links provided below. These links will also be available on the Honors College website.

See the nomination form.

See the recommendation form.

The Convocation will take place the evening of Thursday, April 30, 2020, in the auditorium of the Elliott University Center. Each department or program will be allocated a certain number of Provost Student Excellence Awards (PSEA) based on their number of majors. Departments and programs with 1-99 majors will be allocated ONE award; those with 100 to 499 majors will be allocated TWO awards; and those with 500 to 2,000 majors will be allocated THREE awards. Nominated students must have at least a 3.80 GPA and at least 90 semester hours earned from all institutions (with at least 45 semester hours earned at UNCG) as of January 2020. Hours of academic credit earned abroad while a student at UNCG should be included as UNCG hours. December 2019 graduates who meet these criteria are eligible. A student may win the award only once.

If two or more departments or programs wish to nominate the same student who is a primary or second major (or a minor) in those departments/programs, those departments or programs may initiate a co-nomination to consist of separately submitted nomination forms (one from each department or program) plus at least one supporting Recommendation Form (but not more than two) from each nominating department or program. The deadline for receiving nominations from Department Heads or Program Directors is February 7th, 2020, at 5:00 p.m.

Each nomination package must include the following:
1. The completed Nomination Form providing all the information requested and signed by the Head or Director.
2. One or two faculty recommendations for each nomination (one completed form per faculty member) that speak to the criteria listed above. (Please note: two recommendations will signify stronger support than one recommendation.) Please fill in the necessary sections. Recommendations do not have to be from the Head or Director. NOTE: Faculty recommendations must be submitted using the fillable Recommendation Form. (No individual letters will be accepted.)
3. The student’s curriculum vitae (CV)/resume.

If you have any questions regarding the Provost Student Excellence Award, please call 336-334- 5538.

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