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UNCG’s gardens are often the favorite campus spots of students, staff and faculty. Hidden between buildings or along main thoroughfares, many have been created and maintained through gifts from UNCG friends and alumni.

This summer, CW will highlight a few of them.

This week, we’ll focus on the Alumnae Secretaries’ Garden (left), .

Between Alumni House and the Vacc Bell Tower lies this garden, created in 1964. In 2006, Susan Seeker Jones ’78 revitalized it through a gift to the Alumni House Furnishings Fund. Teaming up with UNCG Grounds, Jones introduced new plants and design features, including irises and flowering shrubs, memorials to Jones’s parents, Iris and “Bud.”

“My parents were so proud and they appreciated everything a great education like UNCG’s gave me,” she said. “They nurtured and helped me grow… so it seemed appropriate to remember them with something that will nurture and inspire new students.”

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