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021710CampusPeople_KilcupDr. Karen Kilcup (English) was awarded a $50,400 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. It allows Kilcup, who specializes in American literature, to take a year-long research leave while writing her latest book, “Fallen Forests: Redeeming Nature in American Women’s Writing.” The book examines 19th-century American women writing about environmental issues, connecting them to their modern counterparts and examining how their failures and successes offer cautions and strategies for change today. Kilcup explores such issues as “Green Fashion,” “Green Christianity,” globalization and sustainability. She defines “Green Christianity” as “a growing (but not unified) movement among Christians of many denominations to assert the Biblical and theological basis for stewardship, rather than ownership, of the earth.” Green fashion refers to a recognition by fashion producers and consumers that choices matter and can make a difference in terms of environmental impact. Kilcup cites early examples such as Celia Thaxter, a poet who in 1887 wrote a fiery essay for Audubon Magazine asking women to boycott the birds and feathers fashion fad of the day. NEH has also recognized Kilcup’s project as part of its “We the People” program, which encourages and strengthens the teaching, study and understanding of American history and culture. Kilcup has published several other books and anthologies, including “Robert Frost and Feminine Literary Tradition” and “Native American Women Writers c. 1800-1924: An Anthology.” She is editor of “Studies in American Humor.”

022410CampusPeople_JudDixon Hughes PLLC has teamed with the Bryan School of Business and Economics to provide financial resources in support of the monthly Triad Business Index. In recognition of the sponsorship, the index will now be known as the Dixon Hughes Triad Business Index. The Dixon Hughes Triad Business Index provides the most up-to-date snapshot of the economy of the Triad region. The index is produced by Dr. Donald Jud, professor emeritus and a research fellow in the CBER.

Five staff members were surprised with Staff Star recognition recently, by the Staff Senate Employee Recognition Committee. They are Sandy Rogerson, Business Services Technology; Robert Walker, Business Services Technology; Kevin McClain, Student Affairs; Geng Puig, Facilities Operations; and Diane Levine, Development. Read more and see photos here.

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