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012010CampusPeopleGraphicFeatured this week: Dr. Mary Crowe – Dr. Rahul Singh – LaTesha Velez – Mark Davenport – Dr. Beth Barba – Craig Fink – Dr. Liz Bucar – Dr. Dianne H.B. Welsh – With the Staff

061511CampusPeople_CroweDr. Mary Crowe (Undergraduate Research) has been elected to serve as president-elect (June 2011/12) and then president (2012/13) of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). The national organization, based in Washington, D.C., is the leading advocacy group for the infusion of research across the undergraduate curriculum. Crowe is director of UNCG’s Office of Undergraduate Research.

061511CampusPeople_SinghAn interdisciplinary research team led by Dr. Rahul Singh (ISOM) has been awarded The Triad Interuniversity Project Planning grant for the project titled “Triad Research Initiative to Empower the Visually Impaired for Information Systems Competitiveness (TREVIS)”. This project will develop the strategic plan and the collaboration structure for a TREVIS research center. The center will design, test and refine creative learning strategies to enhance the engagement, retention and success of the blind and visually impaired in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) education and ICT-intensive careers. In the long term, the TREVIS center will extend its research to benefit other populations with special needs, including the elderly, the dyslexic and the hearing impaired. The work proposed for this project is an extension of the dissertation research of Rakesh Babu under the guidance of Singh. A part of that dissertation research was funded by the National Science Foundation under the title “The Mind of the Blind on the Web.” Other members of the research team include Dr. Peter Delaney of UNCG’s Psychology department, Dr. Eric Stone of Wake Forest University, Dr. Jinsheng Xu of A&T University and Shira Hedgepeth of Winston-Salem State University. The team wants to work together to develop the TREVIS center into a global pioneer in the development and dissemination of research and innovations to empower the visually impaired and other groups with special needs in the 21st century ICT workforce.

061511CampusPeople_VelezLaTesha Velez (University Libraries) has received a Reach 21 scholarship to attend the 2011 America Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference. As a recipient of this scholarship, she has also been selected to participate in the Spectrum Leadership Institute sponsored by the ALA Office for Diversity. The Institute “brings together scholars from across the country to model cross-cultural leadership, build community, reaffirm professional values grounded in service to diverse communities, and expose participants to a wide-range of leaders and potential mentors. The Institute is designed to empower scholars to attain and retain positions of leadership.” The institute will be held during the 2011 ALA Annual Conference June 23-26 in New Orleans.

Mark Davenport (Office of Institutional Research) has received an award. His poster “The Troubling Issue of SAT Composite Superscore as an Institutional Metric” was one of two to win Best Poster at the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) 2011 Forum, May 21-25, in Toronto. The Best Visual Presentation Committee cited that his scored highly on effective communication of ideas, layout, flow of information and effective use of tables and graphs. He demonstrated how the SAT ‘Superscore’ that many colleges use for admissions, the sum of the highest section scores regardless of when the test was taken, tends to be inflated for students that take the test multiple times. He then discussed how this inflation can make the SAT Superscore a poor estimate of a student cohort’s ‘true’ SAT average.

061511CampusPeople_BarbaDr. Beth Barba (Nursing) has been appointed to represent the National Gerontological Nurses Association on the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Initiative. This campaign’s goal is to foster excellence in quality of care at nursing homes – and quality of life for its residents.

061511CampusPeople_FinkCraig Fink has been named associate director of athletics for advancement. Fink will be tasked with raising money for the UNCG athletic department through private contributions and will oversee all of the department’s fundraising activities. Fink comes to UNCG after five years at Eastern Michigan University, the last four of which were spent as the associate athletics director for development and executive director of the EMU Athletic Club. Prior to his work at EMU, Fink spent five years at the Brown University Sports Foundation. Fink will start June 20. More details.

061511CampusPeople_BucarDr. Liz Bucar has received the AAUW 2011-12 American Fellowship. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has the mission of advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. This postdoctoral research leave fellowship offers one-year of support for women in tenure-track faculty positions in support of their earning tenure and further promotions. With this fellowship she plans to complete her book “The Good of Ambiguous Bodies: Transsexuality in Catholic and Shi`i Ethics,” which describes and explains a difference of positions on transsexuality within two religious traditions renowned for conservative teachings on sex. The project is intended to enhance public understanding of strands of religious practice and ideas in a cross-cultural perspective. The AAUW Fellowship will support the final data collection, data translation and write-up of this project. Her goal is to have a completed manuscript ready for peer-review by fall 2012.

031611CampusPeople_WelshDr. Dianne H.B. Welsh (Bryan School) has a new book chapter, Rosplock, K., & Welsh, D.H.B. (2011). “Sustaining the family wealth: The impact of the family office on the family enterprise.” It is in “International perspectives on future research in family business: Neglected topics and under-utilized theories,” A. Carlsrud & M. Brännback (eds.), New York: Springer Publishing.

WithTheStaffHello: Bradley Young, Public Safety and Police; James Mason, Housekeeping; Thomas Baxter, Special Support Services; Bridget Thomas, Kinesiology; David Basich, Utility Operations; Hollie Stevenson-Parrish, Annual Fund; Anna Croom, Annual Fund; Sonja Topalovic-Marinkovic, Student Health Services

Good-bye: Pauline Rich, Kinesiology; Renee Swaim, Admissions; Lonnie Davis, Utility Operations; Tamara Kurtz, Annual Giving; Katherine Fair, Annual Giving; Manyoua Young, Center for New North Carolinians; Matthew Kegerise, ITS; Corena Monroe, Center for Research Excellence in Bioactive Food; Michael Cox, Facilities Operations; Dawn Charaba, Nursing; LaWarren Hall, Facilities Operations; Jason Morris, Human Resource Services; Manoj Verma, ITS; Robert Simpson, Facility Operations; Mark Harrison, Business Services; Bradley Lytle, ITS

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