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012010CampusPeopleGraphicFeatured this week: Dr. Ludwig “Ludy” van Broekhuizen – Dr. Omar Ali

102710CampusPeople_BroekuizenDr. Ludwig “Ludy” van Broekhuizen (SERVE Center) has been appointed to the Governor’s Education Transformation Commission, an oversight and advisory group for the state’s use of an almost $400 million federal grant for education reform. The grant is part of the federal “Race to the Top” program designed to spur improvement in K-12 education. It will help implement the state’s “Ready, Set, Go!” initiative to recruit and retain quality teachers and administrators, turn around low-performing schools, and provide the latest technology for assessing students’ needs. The commission includes two other representatives from the UNC system: Dr. Alisa Chapman, associate vice president for academic planning and university-school programs at UNC General Administration, and Dr. Glenn Kleiman, executive director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at N.C. State University. The first of the commission’s monthly meetings will be Nov. 5. SERVE Center is an education research and development center. It houses the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Southeast; the National Center for Homeless Education; and numerous other technical assistance, research and evaluation projects.

102710CampusPeople_AliDr. Omar Ali (African American Studies) has a new book, “In the Lion’s Mouth: Black Populism in the New South, 1886-1900” (University Press of Mississippi, 2010). The book traces the development of the largest political movement of African Americans in the South prior to the modern Civil Rights movement. Ali has been invited to discuss politics on the nationally indicated Michael Eric Dyson Show.

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