News Items from UNC Greensboro

We’re all too familiar with the “dark side” of communication – hate speech, unethical advertising, poor customer service. But what about the other side of communication? The kind of communication that creates positive relationships and helps enact social change?  Positive communication is an emerging field – born out of communication studies and positive psychology – […]

Jaimee Lee Watts, a doctoral nursing student at UNC Greensboro, was named one of 13 “Students Who Rocked Public Health” in 2019 by the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. The peer-reviewed journal recognized Watts for her collaboration with the North Carolina Division of Public Health on an extensive project to address issues involving […]

It’s a Friday morning, and UNC Greensboro’s Speech and Hearing Center has the warm feel of a group of friends catching up. The conversation flows so easily, despite that two members in the group would be unable to hear without a small electronic device visible just behind the ear. The meeting of graduate students in […]

UNCG alumnus Chris Chalk ’01 stars in the hit show “Gotham,” and has been featured in “Homeland” and “Underground.” He has starred in Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Ruined,” and the Tony Award-winning Broadway revival of “Fences” alongside Viola Davis and Denzel Washington. He was featured in the Oscar Best Picture film “Twelve Years a Slave.” […]

The moment she stepped onto UNC Greensboro’s campus, Lauren Loffredo ‘18 MS knew the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program would be the right fit. What she didn’t know was the impact it would have as she faced one of the most difficult times of her adult life.    “I don’t think I would […]

They’re on the sidelines of every high school football game. Ready to spring into action at a college soccer match. Working with service members at a military base, or preparing dancers before a performance. Athletic trainers are the medical professionals on the front lines of athlete health and safety, working long nights and weekends in […]

UNCG today announced that Dr. JoAnne “Jo” Safrit (’57 BS, Physical Education) has made a $1 million gift to establish a distinguished professorship in the field of kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of human movement and is one of the fastest-growing fields in the nation, and one of the most popular majors at UNCG. Named […]

UNCG’s Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (CARS) program has been going strong for 100 years. CARS kicked off its centennial year on Aug. 28 with a 100th birthday party for students and a panel discussion – part of the Alumni Industry Speaker Series – featuring alumni who landed careers at one of the biggest jeans […]

Managers worldwide battle this issue. A team of capable people struggles, putting their project in jeopardy. The cause: One member isn’t pulling their weight. Some might call the person a slacker; among global virtual teams, the term is “free rider.” How can a manager resolve the issue? Better yet, which strategy is field-tested and statistically […]

The mid-1960s were a transformative time for nursing in North Carolina, as UNCG’s associate degree program – the first in the state – gave way to an innovative baccalaureate program, and the nursing department became a full-fledged School of Nursing. Now, half a century later, UNCG’s School of Nursing is celebrating its history and tradition […]