News Items from UNC Greensboro

In 2019, it was the first show to be announced for Greensboro’s new premier concert hall, the Tanger Center.  And now, two years from when tickets first went on sale, the much-anticipated production will soon arrive: Greensboro Opera’s “Porgy and Bess.” On the morning of January 3rd, the performers and directors – including many who […]

If you’re looking for gift ideas, UNC Greensboro has plenty to offer, from tickets to fantastic events at UNCG and on downtown stages to poetry, memoir, works of fiction, and historical studies, as well as new albums by faculty and alumni. “How to Survive a Human Attack: A Guide for Werewolves, Mummies, Cyborgs, Ghosts, Nuclear […]

It’s that time of year – when Halloween-revelers consider their costumes, pulling in whatever resources they can find to create a character for an evening and have some fun. But at UNC Greensboro, there are many students and a team of faculty members on campus who consider costumes every day of the year. With many […]

A university needs an art museum. But what does an art museum need? A strong community of art-interested people to enjoy it, including students. CoWAM, an interdisciplinary student group based at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, is designing programming that encourages UNCG students to strengthen and enhance their contributions to the arts, particularly through interactions with […]

Introductory copy drawn from Weatherspoon Art Museum website. Early in the twentieth century, during Japan’s rapid Westernization and industrialization, a desire to revive the great Japanese tradition of woodblock prints (known as ukiyo-e) in the context of Japan’s dynamic, modern life gave rise to an art movement known as shin hanga, or the “new print.” […]