News Items from UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro today announced the lineup for the 2020-21 Concert and Lecture Series, an annual celebration of the arts that brings some of the brightest luminaries and performers in the arts to UNCG’s campus.  The 2020-21 season features an Academy Award winner, a world-renowned author, and a Broadway legend of stage and screen, to name […]

Opera singers and classical singers are the “power lifters of singing,” says Renée Fleming. They have to project, without amplification, through orchestras and choruses, all the way to the back of the house. And through her masterclass and her sublime University Concert and Lecture Series performance at UNC Greensboro, she magnificently showed the full range […]

UNCG’s North Carolina Theatre For Young People’s production of “Tales of The Arabian Nights” will open March 10 for school groups and run through March 15, with two public performances March 14 and 15. Written by Barry Kornhauser and directed by MFA student Deepmala Tiwari, “Tales of The Arabian Nights” is an adaptation of the […]

One of Shakespeare’s most familiar plays, “The Tempest,” will soon hit the UNCG stage, in unfamiliar ways.  In this production of Shakespeare’s well-known romantic comedy, the powerful sorcerer Prospero is now female, Prospera, and the story is set 12 years after World War II.  After years stranded on a deserted island with her daughter, Prospera […]

Months of preparation. Hundreds of performers, musicians, managers, directors, designers, and production staff. And in the middle of it all, UNC Greensboro’s very own Dominick Amendum. This week, the long-awaited DreamWorks production of “The Prince of Egypt” hits the stage at the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End. Based on the acclaimed animated film, the […]

It’s college hoops season all across America.  January and February’s tough conference match-ups will soon make way for tournament season and March Madness.  In North Carolina, basketball is king. So much so that UNC Greensboro’s Weatherspoon Art Museum is opening a new, original exhibition exploring all things basketball.  “To the Hoop: Basketball and Contemporary Art” opens Friday, […]

Art is a mirror for culture and history – and art is profoundly inspiring when it reflects our collective history’s most difficult moments. Through Feb. 23, UNC Greensboro’s Weatherspoon Art Museum hosts “Mirror, Mirror: The Prints of Alison Saar,” an exhibition that speaks boldly about identity and the African American experience, including the history of […]