News Items from UNC Greensboro

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Two men work by a computer that displays a visual of a hand.

Dr. Regis Kopper has received National Institutes of Standards and Technology funding to develop augmented reality interfaces for use by first responders. Kopper and his partners, Dr. Jeronimo Grandi and Raleigh-based company NextGen Interactions, will work with public safety personnel and consultants to create a database of common public safety tasks that can be improved by AR tech. Click here to learn more.

Brightly colored friendship bench.

The Friendship Bench was created using 250 pounds of plastic bottle caps from students, staff, and faculty. Located outside of the EUC, it will be officially unveiled on Friday, September 30, at 1 p.m.

The bench is designed to offer a place of peace and encourage social inclusion and friendship among people of all abilities on campus. The project was accomplished by alumna Claire Corrigan while she was earning a master’s degree in therapeutic recreation, along with her advisor, Dr. Stuart Schleien.