News Items from UNC Greensboro

Dr. Kelly Ritter has been director of composition and associate professor in the English Department since 2008. The manuscript she has completed – it’s now with the publisher – is about Woman’s College, looking at our campus from the 1940s to ’60s, and particularly looking at how writing was taught. She loves UNCG’s archives.

Ann Somers is a biology lecturer. Her research concentrates on the tiny bog turtle, which gets no longer than 3-4 inches. The undergraduates in her 250-300 student biology section geared for non-majors know her for her conservation – and the service project they all do on campus, where they learn conservation in a hands-on way. […]

Dr. Roy Hamilton, a staff psychologist and training coordinator at Gove Student Health Center, has been on staff for seven years. During most of the year, he speaks with five or six students a day, on a wide gamut of problems they are experiencing. Such as? “Everything. Adjustments, romantic difficulties, anxiety problems, depression problems, adjusting […]

Elise Rhodes, an assistant director for academic skills services at the Student Success Center, helps students from freshmen to doctoral students maximize their abilities and time. Better use of time is one key – which is why there’s a bulletin board just as you enter McIver Building about time management skills. It includes a sample […]

SaQuang Lam is a systems administrator at Student Health Services. Many know him for his computer know-how. Some local refugees know him as the guy who finds cast off computers and electronics spare parts and refurbishes them as gifts for refugee children, served by Lutheran Family Services. He was a refugee himself, a Cambodian escaping […]

Dr. Sarah Daynes, assistant professor of sociology, likes just about all kinds of music. That’ll come in handy when she teaches a new sociology course in the spring, Sociology of Popular Music. Jazz and the blues are her favorites, Count Basie being one artist she cites. “No heavy metal!” she adds. She grew up in […]

Christine Morris, associate professor of theatre, is resident voice/dialect coach at Triad Stage. She started coaching there in 2006 and first acted there in 2008. She averages one acting role a year. She has a prominent role in “Providence Gap,” which opens this week – and she coaches actors for many of the productions throughout […]

Rachael Dietrich Walker is a P-card specialist in Purchasing. Most have only heard the words “This … Is … Jeopardy!” on their TV. She once heard them in Hollywood as she stared at Alex Trebek and a sea of hot lights.

Dr. Anthony Taylor has been an assistant professor of clarinet in the School of Music since 2007. He is the principal clarinet of the Winston-Salem Symphony, as well as a solo, chamber and jazz musician. He is also near the top of the leaderboard in Spartan Steps. How does he get in all that walking […]