News Items from UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro’s Ann Berry Somers, senior lecturer in biology, with John H. Roe, professor at UNC Pembroke, recently announced the release of a new paper on eastern box turtles, the North Carolina state reptile. “State-wide population characteristics and long-term trends for Eastern Box Turtles in North Carolina” was accepted by the Ecological Society of America’s Ecosphere journal.   […]

Social scientists, politicians, and others have long held that higher education has the power to overcome inequities – and to lay the foundation for everyone to achieve the American Dream. But what happens when you are 18 and have to take out the equivalent of a home mortgage to pay for a four-year degree? Or […]

Most people see only the obvious at 442 Gorrell Street – a handsome, two-story frame house accented with lime green trim and encircled by a low wall of rough-hewn Mount Airy granite. Torren Gatson, an assistant professor of history, sees more. When he lays eyes on Greensboro’s historic Magnolia House, he sees “a community vessel.”

The brains of bullfrogs hold secrets that could, someday, help fighter pilots perform better and protect stroke patients. That’s why two federal agencies – the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense – have awarded Assistant Professor of Biology Joseph Santin nearly $1 million to study how the brain circuit responsible for breathing […]

UNC Greensboro and the Foundation for a Healthy High Point (FHHP) are bringing the Eviction Mediation Project to High Point, to address a wave of evictions resulting from the pandemic as well as the city’s higher than average eviction rates in previous years. “Our comprehensive program will provide relief to an overburdened court system and […]

Dr. Jared McGuirt thinks we should pay more attention to billboards. “Advertisements in our environment have simple messaging; the graphics are very intentional. These companies know what they’re doing,” says the assistant professor of nutrition. “We should take our cues from the business sector.” His research focuses on our food environment and interventions to nudge […]

UNC Greensboro students showcased the breadth and depth of graduate research on campus at this year’s Virtual Three Minute Thesis competition.  Twenty-five graduate students from across academic disciplines created three-minute, jargon-free presentations – with just one PowerPoint slide – about their thesis or dissertation research.  With a pandemic and the shift to online, this year’s […]

In a COVID-19 world, mental health care is perhaps more important than it ever was before. But like the rest of health care, mental health care in the United States isn’t always accessible. It can be expensive. There’s a stigma associated with seeking care. And, broadly speaking, it’s a field that excludes many. For years, […]