News Items from UNC Greensboro

The brains of bullfrogs hold secrets that could, someday, help fighter pilots perform better and protect stroke patients. That’s why two federal agencies – the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense – have awarded Assistant Professor of Biology Joseph Santin nearly $1 million to study how the brain circuit responsible for breathing […]

This fall, UNCG will take a bold step in advancing the personal and academic development of our students through the implementation of a new General Education program, called Minerva’s Academic Curriculum. The main goal of the new curriculum is to provide students with foundations and alternative perspectives for the more specialized knowledge gained in their […]

UNC Greensboro and the Foundation for a Healthy High Point (FHHP) are bringing the Eviction Mediation Project to High Point, to address a wave of evictions resulting from the pandemic as well as the city’s higher than average eviction rates in previous years. “Our comprehensive program will provide relief to an overburdened court system and […]

Dr. Jared McGuirt thinks we should pay more attention to billboards. “Advertisements in our environment have simple messaging; the graphics are very intentional. These companies know what they’re doing,” says the assistant professor of nutrition. “We should take our cues from the business sector.” His research focuses on our food environment and interventions to nudge […]

Off a busy, rural road in Gibsonville, North Carolina, stands the one state historic site in North Carolina focusing on African American history – and the only one honoring a woman. Brick dormitories, pastel teachers’ cottages, and a school bell mark what was once the Palmer Memorial Institute, a 20th-century boarding school where more than […]

For most photographers, publishing work in the New York Times and the Washington Post would represent the pinnacle of success.  But for UNC Greensboro alumna Alycee Byrd ’19, it’s just the beginning.  In recent months, Byrd’s photography has been featured in a variety of national and international publications. It started in the summer, when Men’s […]

UNC Greensboro’s Nursing and Instructional Building (NIB) will open in January 2021.  Located on the former site of the McIver Building, the new building will provide classroom and lab space for the School of Nursing, School of Health and Human Sciences, Department of Biology, and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The facility will include 39 […]

Public spaces are vastly important for public life. Even if there is no interaction between strangers, having areas in towns and cities where people can see each other is crucial for healthy communities. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic changed what spaces we can occupy and how we can behave within them. Restaurants and other indoor […]