News Items from UNC Greensboro

Thanksgiving Day 2020 – just like everything else this year – will certainly be different. A carefully-planned, light-speed grocery trip for ingredients. An intimate meal with those you live with. An outdoor, masked “hello” to a neighbor. Virtual meals with relatives. Hand sanitizer galore. A re-imagined holiday presents a perfect opportunity to create new traditions […]

It’s perhaps the most relevant course offered at UNC Greensboro this fall: Pandemics, Plagues, and Outbreaks.  The 200-level online anthropology course, taught by Dr. Cassandra Workman, examines how anthropology can be used to understand pandemics and the role of human behavior in them.  “Throughout the semester, we’ve worked historically through several previous pandemics, including the […]

UNCG Senior Lecturer in biology Ann Berry Somers is well-known figure in North Carolina herpetology and public service. She is a past recipient of the Governor’s Award for Public Service, the Thomas L. Quay Wildlife Diversity Award in Raleigh, the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCBAR) Distinguished Teaching Award in STEM Education, and has […]