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Heart graphic with photos of three alumni couples

They met in different times and places: A health class during the Vietnam War; laughing at a movie in Reynolds Residence Hall; sitting side by side in Japanese class. But for three Spartan couples, their stories share remarkable similarities.

A love that ignited in the blue and gold halls of UNC Greensboro has transformed into lifelong partnership – with support, passion, family and laughter.

“I remember sitting next to you in Japanese class, and I remember doodling in your notebook,” Corrinne Rosquillo ’12, ’15 MS told her wife Michelle Rosquillo ’11, ’17 MFA.

The two were married in October 2014. Corrinne works as an athletic trainer at Wheatmore High School in Trinity and Michelle is managing editor at a small publishing company in Durham.

Justin and Cora Outling ’05 met in a dorm room, watching a movie with Cora’s roommate.

Seventeen years later, the Outlings, who were married at the UNCG Alumni House, have two children. Justin serves on the Greensboro City Council and is a partner at Brooks Piece. Cora is director of product development at Wells Hosiery and Apparel in Asheboro.

Mike Callahan ’71, ’72 MEd was drawn to his future wife’s lively demeanor when they met in a health class. Cherry Callahan ’71, ’87 PhD, former vice chancellor of student affairs, recently retired from her 38-year career at UNCG.

Throughout their 47 or 48 (they couldn’t remember the number) years together, they cited the birth of their daughters as one of their most precious memories, and spoke of their mutual support, partnership and balance during the ups and downs of life.

“It’s a give and take, and we worked it out pretty well I think,” Mike said. “Whether it’s 47 or 48 years.”

Learn more about these three Spartan love stories in the special Valentine’s Day Q&A video below.



Story by Elizabeth L. Harrison, University Communications
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications
Videography by Grant Gilliard, University Communications

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