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If you want to help maintain your New Year’s fitness resolutions, the 3S Movement Challenge might be the push you need.

The 4 week challenge is a part of HealthyUNCG’s initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle, and will span across the month of February, beginning Feb. 5. There will be weekly prizes awarded at the end of each week, with a grand prize worth $150.

The 3 S’s stand for stand, stretch and sip. For the challenge, participants must record how long they stand, the stretches they do and their water intake, all of which can be done at the employee’s workstation.

How to participate:


Drink 24 oz. over course of 8 hr work day. Coffee and teas do count, but it is encouraged to drink water in its purest form.


Walk a minimum of one minute and increase to five minutes every hour.


Choose stretches that target parts of the body that move repeatedly or are held still from doing work at the computer (neck, shoulders, etc.)

The winner of the grand prize will be randomly selected, and will be given the choice between a desk elliptical or a FitDesk Kit including dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mat, foam roller, stability ball with pump, water bottle and gym bag.

For more information and registration, visit the 3S Movement Challenge page.

For any questions, contact HealthyUNCG at Healthy_UNCG@uncg.edu or 336-334-4131.

By Ishan Davis

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