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The UNCG campus has seen lots of notable visitors, from Martha Graham to George Washington Carver to Teddy Roosevelt. But a visit that’s little-known today was by arguably the most influential performer of the 20th century.

Charlie Chaplin.

Did he sneak in without fanfare on a quiet visit? No. He was the featured figure in a big, patriotic parade that wound through Greensboro, the city’s papers reported, before ending in the middle of the UNCG campus (then called the State Normal & Industrial College). There, Charlie Chaplin thrilled the crowds.

One diary in the Greensboro Historical Museum archives calls the day “a never to be forgotten occasion.”

In Campus Weekly this summer, learn the full story of Charlie Chaplin’s visit, including:

  • Why he came to UNCG
  • How our students played a role in the day’s patriotic events – and in the larger historical context
  • What he did at UNCG
  • What some UNCG faculty and staff members say about Chaplin and his artistry.

It’ll be a story of enthusiastic patriotism, as a student body and the larger community joined in something much bigger than themselves.

It’s looking to be a “Chaplinesque” summer here at UNCG Campus Weekly. Enjoy the story posts this summer, along with all the news you’d normally have every issue.

By Mike Harris
(Visual: Publicity shot from Charlie Chaplin’s 1921 movie “The Kid.” Public domain, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.)

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