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Photo of Dennis Bowie and Bill Chatfield at construction site
Photo of Dennis Bowie and Bill Chatfield at construction site
Dennis Bowie (center) speaking with Bill Chatfield

Construction of the South Chiller Plant is well under way and expected to be completed in between May and June of 2019.

Deep foundation work was completed at the end of June, and UNCG Facilities is hard at work installing the foundation system and buried utility systems. Currently, no major traffic disruptions are expected near the construction site (corner of Forest St. and Oakland Ave.). Minor slowdowns may occur over the next six months as heavy machinery is moved into and out of the site.

The chiller plant will provide much-needed capacity to the chilled water supply on campus and ensure building temperatures are well-regulated as UNCG expands with new buildings like the Nursing and Instructional Building currently under construction. The new chiller plant will also reduce the need for electrical air-conditioning units, conserving energy and improving overall comfort on campus.

Upon completion in 2019, the plant will house one 1,500-ton chiller. The plant is designed, however, to accommodate a total of five chillers to be installed as needed over time.

By Victor Ayala
Photograph by Victor Ayala

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