News Items from UNC Greensboro

Through a collaboration between UNCG and the Greensboro Chinese Association (www.gcanc.org), UNCG faculty, staff and students are now welcome to register and participate in the Chinese language classes at the Greensboro Chinese Association in Fall 2013. The Chinese language classes will be held in the UNCG School of Education Building. Up to 25 UNCG faculty, staff, and students will receive the tuition waiver ($155/semester). They will only need to submit the Greensboro Chinese Association annual membership fee ($10/year) and any costs associated with the required textbooks. Here, you may download the registration form. For more information, you may visit the Greensboro Chinese Association’s web site: www.gcanc.org/gca_school.html. You can also contact Ms. Jennifer Qian, principal of the Greensboro Chinese School, at fxq2345@gmail.com or Ye (Jane) He (UNCG SOE) at y_he@uncg.edu.

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