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Portrait of Zubair

Diversity was the most important factor for Akm Zubair Siam when he was making his decision on where to go to college.

Siam moved to North Carolina from Bangladesh at age 11, and in middle school and high school, he often felt like he didn’t “fit in.”

He knew that being part of a diverse community was imperative for his college career, and when he saw that UNC Greensboro was one of the most diverse universities in the UNC System, his choice was clear.

Four and a half years later, Siam has a diverse group of friends that appreciates his unique background. He has a strong resume of leadership positions in numerous organizations on campus, as well as two prestigious internships. And he has found a way to give back to his family through his studies.

Siam has always been intrigued by information technology and business, so the information systems and supply chain management major was the perfect choice. He chose to minor in political science to familiarize himself with the U.S. government and help his parents prepare for the naturalization test to become American citizens.

Siam served as a senior senator in the Student Government Association. One of his proudest accomplishments is spearheading the proposal of a new scholarship that would allow donors to “adopt a graduate” by helping need-based students cover the costs associated with graduation, such as regalia.

Siam also served as co-assistant chief marshal, an accounting and economics tutor, and on the Bryan School of Business and Economics President’s Council.

“Because of my involvement on campus, I was able to make a direct impact on a lot of lives,” he said. “It was important to me to be a mentor to others, while also growing and learning from others.”

Over the summer, Siam worked for Fidelity Investments as a systems analyst intern in the cybersecurity unit. The cybersecurity unit is still using a code he wrote in their daily business.

After graduation, he will begin his career in cybersecurity at a financial company in Philadelphia.

“My goal is to provide value to the company using everything I’ve learned here at UNCG.”

Later, he would like to get a master’s degree with a long-term goal of becoming a data scientist.

What will he miss most about UNCG?

“All the people that I’ve been able to meet, as well as all the different perspectives I’ve been able to learn about.”


Story by Alexandra McQueen, University Communications
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications
Videography by Grant Evan Gilliard, University Communications

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